Analog Trip

New Release From EDM Underground out now on Beatport


Memory Avenue can be a surreal trip of mind for every human been, people we used to have beautiful and ugly memories in our lives but we can’t delete those moments, is our choices, our destiny, our moment in time. The path we walking through in this incarnation on earth. Pano Manara at his second personal EP trying to describe thru sound those moments of his memories with a never endless smile in his face. First coming “Night Cab” with a pure electronica attitude and an indolent jamming guitar, second is “Speed up” with more feelings blending together and subconscious start to be conscious, third track is “Memory Avenue” an indie house with warm vocals and much love, forth track is “For Last Turn” a classy deep and warm house which let you free to fly in your mind avenues. Last track is a bonus track comes from Pano first personal EP but this time remixed by Nicko Vee a good friend of Pano and a great artist track called “Pathetic Lies” dressed up by Marisia’s beautiful vocals so can’t be less than great! Thank you. EDM Underground is a part of Elektrik Dreams Music Digital Label Support site:






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